Beginner Plan
Embark on a journey into the world of finance with our beginner-friendly package. Immerse yourself in crucial aspects of trading, terminology insights, and common trading mistakes while staying ahead of economic trends using the economic calendar, providing real-time updates on key events. Finally, dive into the cryptocurrency calendar for additional, invaluable insights into crypto markets. Upgrade your financial acumen and strategic decision-making with this comprehensive package.
  • Trading Essentials Course
  • Economic Calendar
  • Cryptocurrency Calendar
Intermediate Plan
Begin a captivating journey into the agile realm of financial markets. Delve into the nuances of technical trading, covering fundamental analysis, technical analysis, indicators, and chart patterns. Gain proficiency in using MetaTrader through detailed tutorials. Access a library of eBooks, providing insights for repetition and quick reference, and stay informed and empowered with Daily Market News, ensuring you're well-prepared for dynamic market conditions. Elevate your trading skills with this comprehensive and insightful package.
  • Technical Trading Course
  • MetaTrader Tutorials
  • Ebooks
  • Daily Market News
Elite Plan
Undertake an immersive exploration of advanced trading strategies. Decode the intricacies of strategic trading, covering Japanese candlestick patterns, harmonic price patterns, Fibonacci trading, and Elliott Wave theory. Enhance your understanding through insightful technical analysis articles and videos, stay ahead of market trends with timely market signals, and reinforce your knowledge with interactive knowledge checks and assignments. Advance your trading expertise with this enriching and comprehensive package.
  • Strategic Trading Course
  • Technical Analysis Articles
  • Technical Analysis Videos
  • Market Signals
  • Knowledge Checks & Assignments